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Teaching Philosophy

To treat every student with care and attention in order to achieve deep and broad academic results.

Award provides a comprehensive and focused learning program for students through a series of well-designed courses that address the requirements of public examinations, helping students to enhance their learning abilities at different stages of their studies and to prepare them for the public examinations. Students will make significant progress and acquire the necessary skills to cope with public examinations if they follow the instructions and put in the effort. In each lesson, the tutor will take students through a series of exercises. This prevents the class from becoming a one-way "teach and listen" mode, and enables the tutor to better understand the progress of the students. We will also arrange regular silent reading and tests to follow up on the effectiveness of learning and to consolidate what has been learned.


Award's tutors will require students to complete at least one core topic exercise in each lesson, as we believe that learning cannot be achieved through passive listening, but requires active participation from the students. For this reason, we insist on having our instructors teach on-site, and because we emphasize teacher-student interaction, in-class practice, two-way feedback, and in-depth analysis, the duration of each class is longer than that of similar courses in the market, in order to achieve both deep and broad educational outcomes. We firmly believe that every student has the potential to improve if he or she is provided with a good learning environment and a well-designed program. Our programs are designed to enhance interest in learning and to provide students with a solid foundation for continuous improvement.

Our History

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Students made significant progress after attending the course and achieved good results in public examinations.​

Over the past three decades, the Center has helped more than 10,000 HKCEE, HKALE and HKDSE candidates to achieve good results in public examinations, and has provided them with a good foundation in languages that will last a lifetime.

Our Students

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