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Tutorial Course
(Senior Secondary)

English Language (F4 - F6)

DSE English Intensive Course (offered from January to March every year)

This course is designed for DSE candidates, allowing students to grasp the last three months before the DSE to prepare for the exam. During the course, students will be exposed to more questions that closely follow the examination pattern in a short period of time, and practice according to the actual examination pattern and time constraints, so as to enable students to accumulate practical experience. The course is divided into the following three parts:


Reading: In each classroom session, students will take a full-length mock exam that includes both Part A and Part B of the reading sub-paper. After completion, the tutor will mark the test and analyze the students' performance in the following classroom session, as well as their skills in dealing with different types of questions, especially the difficult ones.


Writing: All writing exercises will be corrected and commented by the tutor, and will be distributed and explained in the next lesson. Through intensive training and close observation, the tutor will be able to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and provide them with appropriate advice, including suggestions on how to improve on their common mistakes and how to choose questions wisely so as to enable them to give their best performance in the examination. After completing the 3-month course, most of the students have gained more confidence in their English writing and have shown significant improvement in their English expression.


General Ability: Students will be given a mock examination every two lessons, covering two areas of the paper: Listening and Writing. Upon completion of the examination, the tutor will mark the examination closely to the requirements of the HKDSE and will distribute and analyze the examination in detail for students in the following lesson.

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