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Tutorial course
(Senior Secondary)

English Language (F4 - F6)

HKDSE English Language:

Our DSE Core English Courses are designed to meet the objectives of the public examination and are comprehensively designed to address the four major assessment areas of the English Language Section of the HKDSE. The course aims to provide students with a good foundation in English and to familiarize them with different question types through continuous training in examination techniques. During the three-year program, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve good results step by step.


Reading: All reading materials are carefully selected to follow the format of the public examination. In addition, to ensure the quality of practice and the accuracy of the materials, which can be adjusted according to the level of the students, the materials are written by the instructors themselves, and then according to the strict curriculum plan to teach all kinds of public examination question types and test-taking skills in a step-by-step manner.


Writing: In order to keep up with the trend of public examinations, the writing part of the course will use different key current issues as the framework for teaching relevant words, sentence patterns and presentation skills, and will systematically help students to consolidate what they have learned by means of follow-up tests and writing exercises. The three-year course will cover most of the important writing topics. All writing exercises will be corrected and commented by the instructor and will be handed back to students one week later in class for reference.


General Ability: This paper is extensive, informative and demanding, and it has been the most important paper in both the HKCEE and the HKDSE, but it is the least trained paper in most secondary schools. We have been providing intensive training for students to make up for the shortcomings of day schools, and the progress made by our students in this paper over the years is obvious to all. Over the past three decades, our experience and students' achievements have shown that we have a thorough understanding of the marking requirements and the direction of the questions set by the HKEAA. The course can help students to improve their time management, answering strategies and analytical thinking, and thus significantly improve their performance in this paper. During the course, students will be exposed to a wide range of question types encountered in public examinations, and all General Aptitude Practice Papers will be corrected and commented by the teaching staff, and handed back to students for reference a week later in the classroom. In order to know the progress of each student, the center will record the score of each exercise so that the best education plan can be formulated.


Listening: For the listening part of this paper, apart from practicing the simulated public examination questions, we will also arrange more challenging listening training, so that students will be able to cope with school and public examinations easily after their level of proficiency has risen!

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