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Tutorial course
(Senior Secondary)

Chinese Language

Senior Chinese Writing:

The writing class is specially designed for students who wish to improve their performance in Paper 2. The tutor will teach students from rhetorical skills to structural organization of essays, and will explain the writing requirements of the three main types of questions in the HKDSE in order to prevent students from straying away from the questions. The tutor will also analyze the topic structure and vocabulary usage of the best essays with the students. Through teaching different language knowledge, vocabulary and idioms, the tutor aims to consolidate the students' writing ability and enhance their skills. All writing exercises will be corrected by the tutor, who will also analyze students' strengths and weaknesses so that students can improve their writing skills one by one.

HKDSE Chinese Language:

The reading and writing papers are only forms of assessment, but they are rich in cultural, moral, literary and discursive meanings. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the needs of the public examination by teaching and practicing the papers superficially. Our teaching methodology aims to broaden students' diversified abilities and cultural perspectives, with the aim of thickening, optimizing and deepening the Chinese language, and infiltrating several elements of cultural literacy, literary writing, language fundamentals, ancient Chinese poetry, and thinking and debating, so that students will be able to re-examine the past examination questions in S6 and be able to cope with them.

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