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Tutorial Course
(Senior Secondary)

English Language (F4 - F6)

HKDSE English Language:

Our DSE Core English Courses are designed to meet the objectives of the public examination and are comprehensively designed to address the four major assessment areas of the English Language Section of the HKDSE. The course aims to provide students with a good foundation in English and to familiarize them with different question types through continuous training in examination techniques. During the three-year program, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve good results step by step.


Reading: All reading materials are carefully selected to follow the format of the public examination. In addition, to ensure the quality of practice and the accuracy of the materials, which can be adjusted according to the level of the students, the materials are written by the instructors themselves, and then according to the strict curriculum plan to teach all kinds of public examination question types and test-taking skills in a step-by-step manner.


Writing: In order to keep up with the trend of public examinations, the writing part of the course will use different key current issues as the framework for teaching relevant words, sentence patterns and presentation skills, and will systematically help students to consolidate what they have learned by means of follow-up tests and writing exercises. The three-year course will cover most of the important writing topics. All writing exercises will be corrected and commented by the instructor and will be handed back to students one week later in class for reference.


General Ability: This paper is extensive, informative and demanding, and it has been the most important paper in both the HKCEE and the HKDSE, but it is the least trained paper in most secondary schools. We have been providing intensive training for students to make up for the shortcomings of day schools, and the progress made by our students in this paper over the years is obvious to all. Over the past three decades, our experience and students' achievements have shown that we have a thorough understanding of the marking requirements and the direction of the questions set by the HKEAA. The course can help students to improve their time management, answering strategies and analytical thinking, and thus significantly improve their performance in this paper. During the course, students will be exposed to a wide range of question types encountered in public examinations, and all General Aptitude Practice Papers will be corrected and commented by the teaching staff, and handed back to students for reference a week later in the classroom. In order to know the progress of each student, the center will record the score of each exercise so that the best education plan can be formulated.


Listening: For the listening part of this paper, apart from practicing the simulated public examination questions, we will also arrange more challenging listening training, so that students will be able to cope with school and public examinations easily after their level of proficiency has risen!

Senior DSE Writing:

In this course, the tutor will ask students to write in accordance with the questions at the designated time. The questions will cover a wide range of topics and genres and will follow the format of the HKDSE. The tutor will follow the marking scheme of the HKDSE. In the next lesson, students will receive detailed corrections from the tutor. The tutor will provide appropriate suggestions to improve the students' weak points. After the course writing practice, students will not only be able to analyze the examination questions more proficiently, but also be able to express their own ideas more fluently and accurately, thus improving their writing skills significantly.

Senior English High Achievers:

This course is designed for more-abled students who already have a solid language foundation and aim at obtaining Level 5 or above in the DSE exams. The course covers reading, writing, listening and integrated skills components in the DSE curriculum. To fully utilize the lesson time, students are expected to continue the work assigned during the lesson at home, including weekly vocabulary exercises and writing tasks. With regular input, even students who do not read for leisure will acquire adequate language ability to excel in public exams.  

Senior English Enhancement:

This course is designed for students whose English has much room for improvement, particularly those having difficulty understanding texts in reading papers and the data files in the integrated skills component. Typically, these students are also troubled by limited vocabulary and low level of grammatical accuracy, hence cannot express themselves freely in writing. Our approach is to use authentic exam materials to build up their vocabulary base and familiarize them with different sentence structures. They will have training on reading, writing and listening.

DSE English Intensive Course (offered from January to March every year)

This course is designed for DSE candidates, allowing students to grasp the last three months before the DSE to prepare for the exam. During the course, students will be exposed to more questions that closely follow the examination pattern in a short period of time, and practice according to the actual examination pattern and time constraints, so as to enable students to accumulate practical experience. The course is divided into the following three parts:


Reading: In each classroom session, students will take a full-length mock exam that includes both Part A and Part B of the reading sub-paper. After completion, the tutor will mark the test and analyze the students' performance in the following classroom session, as well as their skills in dealing with different types of questions, especially the difficult ones.


Writing: All writing exercises will be corrected and commented by the tutor, and will be distributed and explained in the next lesson. Through intensive training and close observation, the tutor will be able to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and provide them with appropriate advice, including suggestions on how to improve on their common mistakes and how to choose questions wisely so as to enable them to give their best performance in the examination. After completing the 3-month course, most of the students have gained more confidence in their English writing and have shown significant improvement in their English expression.


General Ability: Students will be given a mock examination every two lessons, covering two areas of the paper: Listening and Writing. Upon completion of the examination, the tutor will mark the examination closely to the requirements of the HKDSE and will distribute and analyze the examination in detail for students in the following lesson.

Chinese Language (F4 - F6)

Senior Chinese Writing:

The writing class is specially designed for students who wish to improve their performance in Paper 2. The tutor will teach students from rhetorical skills to structural organization of essays, and will explain the writing requirements of the three main types of questions in the HKDSE in order to prevent students from straying away from the questions. The tutor will also analyze the topic structure and vocabulary usage of the best essays with the students. Through teaching different language knowledge, vocabulary and idioms, the tutor aims to consolidate the students' writing ability and enhance their skills. All writing exercises will be corrected by the tutor, who will also analyze students' strengths and weaknesses so that students can improve their writing skills one by one.

HKDSE Chinese Language:

The reading and writing papers are only forms of assessment, but they are rich in cultural, moral, literary and discursive meanings. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the needs of the public examination by teaching and practicing the papers superficially. Our teaching methodology aims to broaden students' diversified abilities and cultural perspectives, with the aim of thickening, optimizing and deepening the Chinese language, and infiltrating several elements of cultural literacy, literary writing, language fundamentals, ancient Chinese poetry, and thinking and debating, so that students will be able to re-examine the past examination questions in S6 and be able to cope with them.

Senior Mathematics

In public examinations, apart from teaching basic concepts and common question types, it is often not enough to just complete the exercises in textbooks, and students will easily lose marks when facing unseen question types. Therefore, tutors will follow the trend of the public examination closely in the preparation of teaching materials, teaching students the variations of different types of questions and exclusive problem-solving techniques, so that students can easily and quickly answer difficult questions.

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