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(Primary school)

Intensive Reading and Writing Classes for Primary Schools

The center's curriculum has always been based on enjoyable learning, practical and effective, and has been trusted by parents for more than 30 years. The primary school courses have received positive reviews repeatedly, and a new primary school English course is now launched to further help students cope with the sub-examinations for the entrance examination and lay a solid foundation for junior high school.

The English Primary School Curriculum is specially designed for Primary 3 to 4 students:

For any children, the ability to read and understand is one of the most important skills to master at the ages of 6-12. It is certainly the key to the success of their future studies. However, majority of local English curriculum rely on textbooks as the major source of reading materials, teaching and testing students’ understanding through short-length reading texts written in a very narrow selection of settings. Without a habit of reading extensively, these students typically find English fictions daunting and are reluctant to pick up an English book as a pastime. Very often, it is not their learning ability that hinders their understanding but a lack of experience of unfamiliar settings, limited vocabulary and a lack of critical reading skills that prevent in-depth understanding. This course will help these students build up the necessary skills to comprehend and enjoy English children literature.


As for those who have been extensively reading for pleasure since kindergarten, this course provides an opportunity for intensive reading. Students will learn skills and techniques to improve their understanding of stories, respond personally to the stories they read and communicate their opinions with their classmates and teacher. There is also an extended writing component designed around the story to nurture creativity and sharpen writing skills.


This is a reader-based English programme tailored for high achievers of local schools. We are filling in the missing puzzle in the local curriculum, which we believe will set our students apart from the rest when they get into secondary schools.

The English Subject Primary Curriculum is specially designed for P5 to P6 students:

This course is designed to help P5 and P6 students tackle their schools’ reading and writing papers, particularly for their Internal Assessments.


Students who lack a habit of reading English books typically have limited vocabulary, weak comprehension skills and reading confidence. They mostly find it difficult to express their ideas and emotions freely in writing and cannot construct grammatical sentences in a variety of structures. This course aims to help such students improve and boost their academic results within very limited time.


In this course, students will expand their vocabulary base and learn the necessary reading skills to tackle a reading paper. They will also learn how to write exam essays, paying particular attention to their individual weaknesses and repeated mistakes while they write. Course materials will be tailor-made for each school so that students will be familiar with the question types of their schools and hence maximize the effectiveness on improving grades. By the end of the course, hopefully students will become confident writers who no longer see writing as a daunting task.

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