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Tutorial Course
(Junior Secondary)

English Language (F1 - F3)

English Language:

The course focuses on the language skills necessary to cope with the Junior Secondary School English Examination, with extensive practice to help students learn from the past and build up a good foundation. The instructor will focus on the students' strengths and weaknesses, and will follow the school curriculum closely so that students can achieve good results in school.

The program includes the following core language skills:


Reading: Reading training covers a wide range of chapters and topics to enable students to develop the ability to comprehend content quickly and the skills to cope with a wide range of test questions.


Grammar: Grammar is taught in a systematic way and is practiced extensively so that students can become more proficient.

Vocabulary: Practical vocabulary and usage are taught in a thematic format so that students can use the vocabulary they have learned in reading, writing and speaking.


Listening: Listening exercises in a variety of contexts and at different levels of difficulty are used to enhance students' listening skills.

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